Lia Scott Price


....Ordinary people....ordinary prayers...not so ordinary Guardian Angels....


In addition to her trilogy book, Lia Scott Price also writes a series of short stories called "The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian AngelTM Diaries".

If you knew what your Guardian Angel was really thinking, what would it be?

Now, imagine Guardian Angels as Mercy Killers and even Vampires.

Have you ever heard of Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels™? They are horror author Lia Scott Price's unique and disturbing characters.

Price's short story series "The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel™ Diaries", based on the characters from her novels and films, describe the thoughts of her evil characters as they go about answering the prayers of the despairing who pray specifically to them. They are the “diaries” of what Guardian Angels really think of humans.

"A Guardian Angel is a supernatural, unseen being. So, do you really know who you're praying for help to?", says Price.

Price also turned the "diaries" into film shorts, which feature her disillusioned and rebellious guardian angel characters and presents an alternative view to what they could be.

"In my fictional stories, people shouldn't whine to a guardian angel because you don't really know what a guardian angel really is.", says Price, whose stories describe how guardian angels could be mercy killers and vampires who, tired of mankind's begging them for help, target people who pray in vain and for an end to their miseries.

"They find their victims through their prayers of desperation.", Price says. "You never know what's coming for you."

Some of these stories have been turned into film shorts.

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