Lia Scott Price

Lia Scott Price, Horror/Vampire Author and Film Producer
Creator of Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian AngelsTM

Lia Scott Price's Characters are Guardian Angels with Fangs, and Issues: A New Type of Serial Killer. A New Breed of Vampire.

Brutal. Bloody. Disturbing.

Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian AngelsTM, created by Lia Scott Price, are characters in her Books and Films. Her Guardian Angels are a new type of Serial Killer and a new breed of Vampire. Pray for help to one, you die. Because they are sick and tired of answering your prayers. So don't whine to a Guardian Angel. You don't know who you're really praying to.
-Can they be killed?: Holy water, crucifixes (they're "holy" beings, you know), stakes through the heart, or sunlight won't kill them, unfortunately.
-How do they attack humans?: They'll attack you only if you pray in despair to them. They prefer to slice you with sharp weapons and drink. Less struggling, less work. No need to bite necks.
-So what WILL kill them?: Only another Guardian who has turned "back to good". Something like that.
-Why Guardian Angels?: Why not? They could really be evil. And they really really hate us.
-How did Lia come up with her characters?: She challenges the popular belief that Guardian Angels are good protectors: "What if they aren't good? Why not turn them into something evil, like a Serial Killer, and a Vampire?" Welcome to her world.

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