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Lia Scott Price Productions Inc.

Lia Scott Price Productions Inc, a privately owned film production and publishing company based in Torrance, CA, is owned by Author Lia Scott Price. The company produces and publishes the films. novels, and comic books of Lia Scott Price.

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Contact: Lia Scott Price, CEO

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Lia Scott Price is available for Radio, Print, and Online interviews. Please email Lia directly at

It has come to my attention that there have been users on Facebook and on other social media sites who falsely claim that they work for or are employed by my company, Lia Scott Price Productions Inc, when in fact they do not. These users (particularly users from foreign countries) are misrepresenting themselves and falsely representing employment, with the unauthorized use of my company name. If you come upon a user that does so, please be wary that it could be fraud, phishing, or possibly a scam site and does not represent Lia Scott Price Productions Inc. We are not affiliated in any way with said users who falsely use our company name. If you need to verify any claims of employment with my company, please contact me at

Over 18 only!  Explicit R-Rated Material. All Lia Scott Price Books and Films contain content only suitable for adults. All characters and material are Copyright of Lia Scott Price. Unauthorized use and misrepresentation of the Lia Scott Price name and Lia Scott Price Productions Inc company name is strictly prohibited.